Information on Stray Voltage and Contact Voltage can be found using the links below

Midwest Rural Energy Council

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin 05-EI-106, August 10th, 1989 

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin 05-EI-115, July 16th, 1996

Phase II Testing – Wisconsin PSC Staff Report, February, 1999

Phase II Check Sheets – Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Stray Voltage Phase I and Phase II Combined Database Summary, Wisconsin PSC January 26, 2006

State of Minnesota Stray Voltage Guide – A Guide to Addressing Stray Voltage Concerns

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Hand- book No. 696, 142 pp.

State of Utah Stray Voltage Explanation

State of Iowa Stray Voltage Guide

Link to IEEE 1695 – Guide to Understanding, Diagnosing, and Mitigating Stray and Contact Voltage